Collaborative Law & Mediation

Collaborative Law & Mediation

Long Island Lawyers Offering Collaborative Law and Divorce Mediation Representation

Divorce to many people is synonymous with bitter, epic courtroom battles. However, when both partners are willing and able to commit themselves to resolving their differences fairly and equitably without resort or threat of resort to the courts, collaborative divorce or mediation may be a better and healthier alternative for them and their children. Both methods permit the parties, rather than a judge, to decide on their own future in a more cost efficient, and respectful manner.

At Joseph Law Group P.C., in addition to traditional litigation, we represent clients through collaborative divorce and mediation. Pursuing a divorce through collaborative law or a method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), such as mediation, can save time and money while protecting one’s family from the financial and emotional toll of a litigated divorce. We invite you to contact us at 516-542-2000 to schedule an initial consultation and discuss what process is best for you. 

Collaborative Law
Collaborative Law is increasingly being used throughout the country as it is a healthier alternative to litigation. Parties commit to resolving their differences fairly and equitably without resorting to the courts. Collaborative divorce utilizes a team approach where both parties have their own attorneys and jointly retain a mental health professional who serves as a "divorce coach" ensuring that emotions do not derail the process, while also providing the parties with the necessary skills to work together in the future, particularly important when there are young children. When appropriate, financial advisers are engaged to facilitate a cost effective resolution. Discussions to resolve your divorce take place in a neutral setting where your voice and opinions are heard as you reach a resolution that works for you and your family. This process is cost efficient because the time expended is completely focused on resolving your case, unlike in a litigated matter where much time is wasted in court, waiting for a judge to be available. In the collaborative process parties are guided to work together in a respectful manner as they find creative solutions to meet their needs. Parties have control in the process, the outcome, and even learn skills to effectively deal with each other in the future.

At Joseph Law Group, P.C., our Managing Partner James P. Joseph, has acquired specialized training in collaborative divorce and is a member of the New York Association of Collaborative Professionals. He is also a member of Collaborative Divorce Resolutions, "Long Island’s Premier Collaborative Law Group".

Divorce Mediation
Meditation allows divorcing spouses to maintain control of the outcome of their case rather than leaving it to the decision of a judge. By reaching a mutually acceptable divorce agreement, with the assistance of competent counsel and a neutral third-party mediator, a settlement can be reached that effectively addresses divorce-related concerns. While not appropriate in every situation, for example, when there is a gross imbalance of power in a relationship or where there is abuse, mediation is a cost-effective option for many couples. The team at Joseph Law Group, P.C. encourages each party to a mediation to retain separate counsel from the outset to serve as a consulting lawyer. It has been our experience that this greatly increases the likelihood of a successful outcome.

James P. Joseph was chosen by the former Supervising Judge for the Matrimonial parts of the Supreme Court of Nassau County for training in divorce and family law mediation. He represents clients throughout the mediation process and recognizes the importance of each party having an experienced attorney to help them navigate the process.

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