Quality Legal Representation With a Long Island Complex Divorce Attorney

Are you filing for divorce on Long Island or in New York City? Our firm does not dabble in divorce law but instead focuses solely on matrimonial and family law issues. We are accustomed to handling complex divorces for people with significant net worth, and / or complex issues. We have earned a reputation for quality legal representation; thoroughly prepare and care about achieving solutions that work for you.

For years, the attorneys of Joseph Law Group, P.C. have dedicated themselves exclusively to protecting the rights and interests of New Yorkers just like you, in matters of contested divorce.

When levels of support (maintenance alimony and child support) and the fate of your assets (businesses, licenses, degrees, real estate, and/ or retirement benefits) are at issue, or when the future of your children is at issues, the stakes could not be higher. We negotiate persuasively and when appropriate, litigate aggressively, on your behalf; keeping your interests and the best interests of your children at the forefront.

Joseph Law Group, P.C. has placed special emphasis on every aspect of the "high end" complex divorce case since our law firm's founding.

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Serving Long Island & New York City Clients
We support your objectives and goals with our legal knowledge and skills to form strategies that work for you. Our Long Island law offices' legal services can benefit you with all issues that may arise in your complex divorce such as:

  • Asset & Property Division / Equitable Distribution
  • Businesses, Licenses, Degrees & "Enhanced Earning Capacity"
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Substituting Lawyers

Come to the matrimonial law and family law firm whose goal is to find lasting resolutions for its clients. Come to Joseph Law Group, P.C. We welcome your input during your initial consultation at our Garden City law offices. When you have questions, we have answers.

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