Issues surrounding paternity are often emotionally charged. Mothers may be seeking necessary child support to assist in the rearing of a child. Potential fathers may be fighting paternity claims, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, they may be seeking child custody and visitation privileges. In any circumstance, disputes are common.

At  Joseph Law Group, P.C., we work with both mothers and potential fathers who are facing paternity concerns in filiation proceedings. The knowledgeable family law attorneys at our firm recognize the stressors facing both sides of the equation. They work with you to set reasonable and achievable outcome goals in your paternity case.

Paternity Representation for Mothers
As a mother, you are committed to providing a quality life for your child. Securing child support payments from your child's biological father can provide for better opportunities for your child.

If your child's father is denying that your child is biologically his, it may be necessary to seek DNA testing. We will assist you in taking the necessary steps to have a court order testing and represent your case in family court. It is our goal to secure the financial support your child deserves and aid you in pursuing a visitation agreement if you so choose.

Paternity Representation for Fathers
Sometimes mistakes are made concerning paternity. DNA testing may be necessary to prove or disprove fatherhood. Our firm assists fathers in securing DNA testing. If it is determined you are a child's father, and you wish to pursue child custody or visitation, we will help you work with the child's mother to arrange a mutually acceptable parenting time plan and or represent you in a court proceeding seeking same. We can also work to protect your interests in child support negotiations and litigation.

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