"If you are looking for an honest, realistic lawyer who will fight for his client and what is right, John Whitman is that attorney. When the attorney who was originally assigned to my case had to leave due to a change in location, I was concerned about who would take his place, and if that person would keep my best interests in mind. What started out as a source of worry, became the best thing that could happen for me, my son and my case. John Whitman was assigned to represent me, and from our first meeting, I knew I could trust him fully. He was always honest, open, realistic, and a man of his word. He delivered everything he promised, and stood behind what he said even when times got tough. My family and I were always treated with respect, and I always felt like our interests were being protected by him. He was always there when I needed him, if I had a question, and was very dedicated to helping me and my family. I cannot say enough positive words about a man who took what was the worst experience of my life, and made it a little easier for me. I would highly recommend John Whitman if you are looking for strong and honorable attorney to protect you and your family's interests."


-Prior client, June 2017

"I found Joseph Law Group through a recommendation from a friend. John Whiteman was my lawyer and I found him to be excellent, trustworthy, understanding and honest. My particular case was a bit complex and John with being perceptive and professional, takes time to give rational advice to myself and to the opposing party.


John got me good results. I wound up with an agreement without having to go through a lengthy trial. The case was opened in April 2016, court granted re-adjustment on child support and childcare/activity expenses in December 2016, and case was officially closed out in May 2017. I was and still am satisfied about the results he provided.


Joseph Law Group was extremely understanding during the billing process and in NO WAY billed me just to bill. There were few times where Joseph Law group saved me on legal fees and documented as "waived." Those type of ethics are simply not present in the legal profession today. I highly recommend Joseph Law Group and John Whiteman."


-Prior client, June 2017

"Tom Elliott, he is your guy. I had the pleasure of working on my post divorce matters with him, and can assure you that his the guy. I only wish I had met him before I retained the thief that took me over the coals for my own divorce. He has 2 things that you can search far and wide for in Mat attorneys going for him…. He is SMART and FAIR."


-Prior Client, January 2017

"Mr. Elliot is professional, knowledgeable, and courteous, as well as an all around pleasant person to deal with. Our outcome was more than favorable and he worked extremely hard to help me in any way possible and kept me informed every step of the way."


- Prior Client

"I was involved in a multi-state, multi-attorney, high conflict, child custody divorce case and worked with James Joseph. In what was a terrible period in my life, James Joseph's assistance was one of the few bright spots. His recommendations were always on the mark, he is detail oriented, he works quickly, he always knew the right thing to say to offer reassurance when it felt like everything was going wrong and most importantly, he gets results. I encountered many attorneys during this case and there is no one I would recommend higher. Of note: if you are going through a divorce, you will find that you interact with the attorney's office staff a great deal, and his office team is first rate."


- University Employee - Prior Client

"James' skills, attention to detail, versatility, and knowledge are second to none. He has a brilliant legal mind and a profound ability to amicably resolve the most complex cases. In James, you will find a great attorney and can rest assured that the advice you receive will always be trustworthy, compassionate, and intelligent. He is one of the most effective matrimonial attorneys and a man of outstanding character, integrity, and principles. James is an asset to the matrimonial legal community."


New York City Attorney - Prior Client

"James and I graduated law school together many years back. I have always referred any of my family and matrimonial clients to James and have gotten nothing but positive feedback and high praise for his caring attitude and competent representation. I also had James represent me in my own family law matter. Not only did I find James to be a consummate professional, who achieved a fair and great result for me, but I found his compassion and level of empathy extraordinary and comforting in what was a very emotionally trying time in my life. While no one ever wishes to "need" a family law attorney, when the need arises, I would recommend James without reservation, based on his competency, professionalism, and compassion."


Partner, Long Island Firm - Prior Client

"I had the pleasure of working with James on several projects involving our mutual clients. Throughout the process, he made effective decisions and offered valuable solutions. James is dedicated, knowledgeable, detailed-orients, and above all, an excellent advocate."


- Partner, New York City Law Firm - Prior Client

"James is a solid attorney with a great eye towards detail. He is a strong advocate for his clients and achieves the desired results in a time efficient manner. I highly recommend him and his staff."

Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity


- Financial Consultant - Prior Client

"James assisted me in a very emotional case for which I ultimately had no responsibility. He extracted me from what could have been and expensive and unnecessary legal entanglement. He is very professional and capable and I would highly recommend his services."

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert


- C.E.O., Technology Company - Prior Client

 "I have referred many people to James for counsel over the many years that I have known him and I have never been disappointed with the feedback. Each one of those recommendations has come back to me with countless praises. James is smart, level-headed, and steadfast in his work. Anyone seeking counsel in a matrimonial or family law issue would be foolish to use another attorney."


- Partner, Long Island Law Firm

"James is a consummate professional. He uses his knowledge of the law and his expert judgement to serve you as a trusted advisor and counselor. I highly recommend him."

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert


- Associate General Counsel, large brokerage house - Prior Client


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