Collaborative Divorce

In the Collaborative process, the parties agree at the outset to settle the divorce without contested court intervention, but each spouse will still hire their own collaboratively trained attorney to advocate and to guide them. This process may also include a neutral family specialist and financial specialist to work as a team to help the couple brainstorm and resolve all the settlement terms. The Collaborative process requires transparency and voluntary cooperation of both spouses. The team works together to explore the possibilities and create a well thought out and detailed settlement that makes sense in your particular family. Discussions will include subjects such as how to divide your assets and debts, custody, parenting time, and support, etc. The goal of collaborative divorce is to reach a win-win solution.

Benefits of collaborative divorce:

  • The parties commit to keeping the divorce out of court.
  • Each party has the benefit of having their own attorney.
  • A team approach guides the divorce process.
  • Gives you control.
  • Both parties will achieve a satisfactory outcome.