Joseph Law Group, P.C. serves clients facing divorce or other family law issues by crafting best-case resolutions and strategies to achieve a reasonable and successful outcome. Integrity, growth, professionalism, and teamwork are all hallmarks of our team. Following are several client testimonials about their experience and satisfaction with our team’s services and support. These testimonials are posted on third-party websites such as Google, Facebook, Avvo and/or LinkedIn.


Going through a divorce in a pandemic was traumatic and emotionally challenging. I was referred to James Joseph by an acquaintance and I could not have been happier with his entire group. Everything was handled with sensitivity, transparency, and professionalism from day one. I never expected to go through something like this, but they got me through a very painful chapter in my life. It's hard to write good things about the process of divorce. But if you end up having to go through it, this is absolutely the group to use.

January 2023

I was referred to this law firm from an Acquaintance. He told me the first law firm he was with could not finalize his divorce and it kept dragging on which is why he changed to Joseph law group. He said it was the best decision he made. Needless to say, his divorce was signed shortly after. My experience with this firm was excellent! John Whiteman was my attorney, and he was on point from the first day we met through the signing of the divorce. John was always professional and to the point with what his goal was and what would happen throughout this unfortunate process. I also have to say that he is always available via phone/email/text at any time, and he always got back to me quickly, which is HUGE!!!! The day after the divorce was signed John called me just to see how I was doing, which says a lot about him. Thank you, John, and all at Joseph law group for your dedication and help through this difficult time.

January 2023

Jacqueline Caputo is an excellent divorce attorney. Always made herself available when I had a question and always explained everything in detail, so I knew exactly what was going on. She really cares about her clients and puts them first.

August 2022

I highly recommend the Joseph Law Group as one of your consultations when thinking about or needing representation through the process of divorce. I knew I made the right decision when signing on board with them immediately after the consultation which was completely thorough and provided me a complete understanding of what to expect. The Team from the office was able to streamline and represent me in a way that eased this stressful process. I was always kept in the reality of what to expect throughout negotiations with no false promises. In the end I was completely satisfied with the legal services provided by the group.
Should you be in need of legal representation, Joseph Law Group should be considered.


John Whiteman is an excellent lawyer. Was always available, top notch with knowing the law and protecting my rights. I was confident with him and his attention to detail. I never got to a trial but our court conferences he was excellent. He was so prepared that opposing counsel didn't want to engage or meet with him. Frustrating for me that their counsel dragged it on but through no fault of John. I have referred him to 2 people already. He came recommended by a good friend who actually was represented by a different lawyer against John. You know that's saying something when a friend doesn't recommend the lawyer they used but referred John Whiteman who was opposing counsel. He is an excellent divorce attorney knowing the law inside and out. Sound advice. He will fight for you. Be confident in knowing that.


I was recommended to Jacqueline Caputo. My initial phone call to Joseph Law Group, P.C., Administrative Assistant Loretta Zontini, she quickly understood my needs as a hearing impaired client; Loretta was very helpful in helping me set up my in person appointment with Jacqueline Caputo. I highly recommend Jacqueline Caputo. She is a remarkable person to work with, she is knowledgeable, patient and an excellent listener, she quickly understood my goals, she helped me achieve them within a reasonable time frame. Which helped me reduce my concerns, stress and move onto my next chapter. A big and sincere thank you to the Joseph Law Group, Loretta Zontini and Jacqueline Caputo!


Thomas Elliot has been very professional and patient during this whole process. Divorce is not a pleasant experience, mentally, emotionally and physically and Mr. Elliot walked me through every step of the process as to what I would expect. Though the process should have been simple in my case, that did not happen, but he helped me all the way in this difficult situation. I would highly recommend Mr. Elliot because of his professionalism, knowledge, honesty and patience.


From my first meeting with John Whiteman, I felt at ease and that I would be in great hands. It was very easy to speak with him; I felt that I was heard and this gave me comfort and peace of mind as I navigated unfamiliar territory. John is professional, knowledgeable, responsive, smart, personable, kind and understanding. He always got back to me in a timely manner and gave me excellent advice. His priority was to help me, and he told it to me straight and never sugar-coated anything, all while being compassionate. He guided me throughout for the best result, and pushed for a divorce agreement and not a long court battle. If any of my questions/needs went outside what he deemed was his area of expertise, he recommended other professionals. I respected him for his honesty and knew I could trust him. I'm so happy to be at the finish line. It has been both a pleasure and a privilege to have worked with one of the most effective, and most trustworthy professionals I have had the pleasure of dealing with. I recommend John highly. Thank you for your help throughout my divorce!


Every person that I dealt with at the Joseph Law Group, from the front desk to James himself, was classy, intelligent, and showed honest concern for the outcome of my case and my well-being. I had the privilege to work with James personally and found him to be a consummate professional; he approached things with rational and well-reasoned logic, but when we needed tenacity and resolve, he did not let us down. James was always available to listen; he was responsive and would not hesitate to tell me if my expectations were unreasonable. He was the perfect guide through the difficult terrain of what is a tough and often flawed justice system. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome or better legal representation than with the Joseph Law group and after interviewing many lawyers found him to stand well above the rest of the crowd – he and his firm care about their clients, which is evident in their professionalism and their practice. Though James was my primary attorney, several lawyers at the firm participated in my case and contributed their particular expertise towards our goal. Amazing and honest representation from an organized and effective law group.


When you're going through an emotional/financial event such as a divorce you need a lawyer who is willing to listen along with fight on your behalf. John's came highly recommended from other business professionals who have used him in the past. So it was a no brainer! From the beginning Mr. Whiteman was straight forward with possible outcomes that could occur throughout the negotiation period. It's never the "known" that scares you in a divorce situation, it's always the "unknown". John's team helped eliminate all those questionable worries, negotiated heavily on my behalf and most importantly came up with an outcome I am content with. If you in need of a reputable divorce lawyer hire John, even 2 years later he still answers the phone to help assist me through situations that arise.


I was referred to the Joseph Law Group a few years ago and will say that my experience with them has been nothing but outstanding. I retained Tom Elliot from that law group and I couldn't say enough good things about him and everyone else associated with them. He was exactly what I was looking for in an attorney. Tom was always able to keep me calm and most importantly informed. He had answers to all of my questions and was completely honest with me. He always looked out for my best interest, in every sense of the word. From the administrative staff to all of the attorneys have all been helpful, courteous and kind when I would call with a question or concern. I could not say enough positive things about the Joseph Law Group and all of its members and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs an attorney.


I was referred to Tom Elliot in 2015. I had just moved back home to NY from CA and was dealing with an alcoholic husband. Sadly, I realized it was time to consult with someone to help me navigate a separation and potential divorce. Tom was a blessing. In addition to being a very smart and capable attorney, he was caring, compassionate and patient. Separating and divorcing was a struggle to come to terms with, Tom was always patient and understanding of my feelings. I never left a meeting feeling overwhelmed, but always felt I was in good hands. Tom helped me each step of the way as I weighed my options. I would highly recommend him.


I recently was represented by Mr. Elliot. His entire firm is a class act, and they answer and return calls with great professionalism. Tom was a realistic voice during an emotional process, where the law is not always based upon logic and realities of today's world. He will tell you what works and what doesn't and will help guide you to a resolution that you can live with. Someone once said, a good deal is when both sides leave the table unhappy. That is divorce by its’ nature. But you can at least have someone in your corner who knows the ropes and can advocate where there is room for advocacy. (He also knows when to call BS on the other side lol). I don't plan on getting married and divorced again, but if I do, I will call Tom again.


If you are looking for an honest, realistic lawyer who will fight for his client and what is right, John Whiteman is that attorney. When the attorney who was originally assigned to my case had to leave due to a change in location, I was concerned about who would take his place, and if that person would keep my best interests in mind. What started out as a source of worry, became the best thing that could happen for me, my son and my case. John Whiteman was assigned to represent me, and from our first meeting, I knew I could trust him fully. He was always honest, open, realistic, and a man of his word. He delivered everything he promised, and stood behind what he said even when times got tough. My family and I were always treated with respect, and I always felt like our interests were being protected by him. He was always there when I needed him, if I had a question, and was very dedicated to helping me and my family. I cannot say enough positive words about a man who took what was the worst experience of my life, and made it a little easier for me. I would highly recommend John Whiteman if you are looking for strong and honorable attorney to protect you and your family’s interests.


Although going through a divorce is a very painful time in one’s life, Tom Elliot showed genuine compassion to my situation and was extremely thorough in getting me a fair separation. He covered every base and left no stone unturned. Things that I didn’t even think of, until they arose years later, Tom had included in my divorce to protect me from further litigation. When talking to many other people who unfortunately had to go through the same thing I did, I can honestly say that I feel I got the best divorce agreement, and I attribute it all to Tom Elliot and his experience and diligence to get me what I deserved, a fair separation where I could go on with my life and be happy again……. Which by the way, I found a couple years later. Thank you Tom.


I retained John Whiteman for a tumultuous divorce case. Clearly, I was in over my head being that my ex was a high level finance executive and cleverly tried to pull the wool over my eyes while also being intimidating and scary. John was a godsend in his abilities to provide not only legal and financial assistance, but even emotional support and understanding that went well above and beyond. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and relatable. He provided me with an exemplary agreement while seriously needing to fight fiercely for my rights. I am forever indebted to him, and highly recommend him for anyone needing an outstanding matrimonial attorney.


Mr. Elliot is professional, knowledgeable, and courteous, as well as an all around pleasant person to deal with. Our outcome was more than favorable and he worked extremely hard to help me in any way possible and kept me informed every step of the way.


I can’t say enough about my experience with Joseph Law Group. I came to them at a very difficult time of my life. I was with a previous attorney for a few years and felt as if my rights were not fully represented. Additional to that, losing my Father, I was very lost. I sat with Joseph Law Group and explained my situation and listened to what they said I could expect if they represented me. I decided to go ahead and hire them. I will say this, from the start I began to feel very comfortable with my decision and I trusted my attorney’s plan for moving forward. Whenever I had a question about the so many unknowns in a divorce, which is an emotional process, I felt comfortable with my attorney’s answers and plan. In the end, I could not be happier with the outcome. I highly recommend Joseph Law Group, Not only was my attorney amazing, but the office staff and whomever I dealt with were all very accommodating and pleasant to deal with. I am now on my way to the next Peaceful chapter of my life.


Throughout the divorce process John has been very professional, organized, thorough, and most importantly, always there to answer questions or provide updates so I never felt left in the dark. He presented options clearly and always explained the rationale behind his advice, while leaving the ultimate decision to me. I thought it was also noteworthy that if a question came up outside of his purview, he let me know that it was the case and where I could seek a definitive answer. While the opposing attorney frequently made mistakes, had out of date information and disappeared for days, John was always spot on with everything in a timely matter and stood out all the more for it. With his guidance, we were thankfully able to come to an agreeable settlement without having to go too far into a trial.