Divorce and family law issues are best addressed with the assistance of highly skilled and competent counsel from a professional law firm like Joseph Law Group, P.C. Our top-notch attorneys ensure your case moves efficiently and effectively towards resolution.  We provide superb legal support, counsel, and advocacy throughout negotiations and litigation. You can be assured our firm will handle your matter with compassionate care, expert knowledge, and tireless legal representation.


Many similar issues arise in divorce and family law matters, in particular, custody, access, and support. The attorneys at Joseph Law Group, P.C. practice solely in the areas of matrimonial and family law.  We are accustomed to handling complex divorce cases for people with very significant net worth as well as for people of more modest means.

Division of Assets (Equitable Distribution)

Equitable distribution is the distribution of assets, and liabilities. Our firm assists clients in determining a fair and reasonable distribution under the circumstances and works hard to achieve such a resolution

Joseph Law Group, P.C. will enlist the help of valuators,  accountants, and other experts as needed to ensure a complete and compelling picture of your finances can be presented to the court and during negotiations. While we do not give tax advice, we are conversant in the various tax issues which arise in a divorce proceeding and utilize accountants and other experts as needed.  Our team of qualified attorneys is dedicated to fighting for what you deserve in your divorce, and we are as skilled at negotiating as we are at litigating. With honest assessments, knowledge of statutory factors and case law, and the support of our team, you can rest assured that your asset and property division is in good hands.

Maintenance (Alimony)

In New York, there is a statutory guideline formula for spousal maintenance – commonly known as alimony.  It is important to remember that this formula is simply a guideline, and particularly in cases where the income of the payor spouse exceeds the cap ($184,000 in 2019), various factors take on additional relevance. If you are likely to be required to pay spousal maintenance or are on the receiving end of such support, our team will determine the appropriate range of support, determine whether or not you are paying/have been awarded the correct level of payment, and even attempt to modify a court order depending on the circumstances.  Our team will help you navigate the complexities of the law to ensure the appropriate level of maintenance payments.

Child Support and Child Custody

When you have children, your divorce can be significantly more complicated – but it doesn’t have to be. Joseph Law Group, P.C. has represented countless individuals in child custody, support, and visitation matters. Our firm helps both custodial and noncustodial parents by providing counsel on obtaining reasonable terms and conditions for custody and parenting time, child support, and, advocating for your rights both in and out of the courtroom. Our top-notch negotiation skills lead to fair and reasonable child support and custody resolutions, although litigation may, at times, be necessary to protect you and your children.

Other Issues

Our attorneys and support staff have either been trained in, or are very familiar with, mediation and collaborative law, and when appropriate, will recommend those methods for resolving your issues.  Further, those skills can solve many divorce issues more efficiently and peacefully whether inside or outside of litigation. Our family law attorneys are skilled in negotiation and understand how to save clients time, money, and emotional turmoil  While we don’t hesitate to bring your divorce issues to court if needed, we’ll also ardently advocate on your behalf in the meeting room.