Welcome to Long Island’s Leading Lawyers – Episode 0

Welcome to “Long Island’s Leading Lawyers”, a podcast that delves into the careers of the luminaries who have shaped the legal landscape on Long Island and beyond. Join us as we uncover stories, insights, and wisdom from prominent figures in our legal community.

This podcast is hosted by James Paul Joseph, the managing partner of Joseph Law Group, P.C., a highly regarded boutique law firm concentrating on matrimonial and family law. In addition to his role at JLG, James has held leadership positions in various organizations including having served on the Executive Committee of the Long Island Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, having chaired the board of EAC, one of the largest Long Island based social services non-profits, and is a current member of the Executive Comittee of the Nassau County Bar Association.

James has also coached a select group of high performing lawyers with the management consulting firm, Atticus. James is a lifelong student with a committment to continued personal and professional growth. He is driven to serve his community and also accelerate the path to success for other lawyers. The Nassau County Bar Association, with over 3000 members, stands as one of the largest suburban bar associations in the nation.

In his position of leadership, our host aims to help expand his network and that of his guests while also inspiring and guiding other lawyers towards greater involvement in the legal community.

In each episode of “Long Island’s Leading Lawyers” James Joseph sits down with distinguished guests, including past Presidents of the Nassau County Bar Association and other legal trailblazers. Through insightful interviews, these legal icons share the defining moments of their careers, the achievements they hold dear, and the strategies that led to their success. But it doesn’t stop there. Our guests open up about their commitment to giving back, the sources of joy and pride in their lives, and the advice they have for up-and-coming lawyers.

As the podcast title suggests, “Long Island’s Leading Lawyers” showcases the voices and stories of those who have not only led legal practices but have also shaped the legal discourse in Long Island and beyond. With James’ unique position and dedication, this podcast promises to be a valuable resource for legal professionals, a source of inspiration for young lawyers, and a platform for celebrating the remarkable contributions of legal minds in the region. Join us on this captivating journey through legal leadership, experience, and camaraderie. Subscribe to “Leaders in Long Island Law” and be a part of the conversations that drive the future of law in our community.