Why Choose Us

When you choose to work with Joseph Law Group, P.C., you can expect exceptional and unequaled representation, advocacy, and counsel. By focusing exclusively in family and matrimonial law, Joseph Law Group, P.C. has gained a reputation as one of the preeminent family law firms on Long Island and surrounding areas. We value the trust our clients place in us for challenging family law matters such as divorce, separation, and custody disagreements. Our attorneys understand what it takes to achieve an optimal outcome for you, your family, and your future and will take all reasonable steps to ensure the most positive outcome possible under the circumstances.

Heightened emotions and high levels of stress typically accompany divorce. The anxiety and uncertainty over the coming changes to your family and finances can overwhelm even the strongest of people. Finding the right attorney, an experienced and effective advocate who is knowledgeable on the law and understands your needs can ease this process for you and greatly increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.

We believe the divorce process must not just be about dissolving your marriage, but protecting and building your future. We carefully listen to your priorities and educate you on the best processes and strategies to achieve your long-term goals. In representing you we never lose sight of our objective: obtaining the best possible resolution to the issues involved in your divorce without inflicting unnecessary financial and emotional damage on you and your family. We accept responsibility for our clients and their matters with the utmost degree of professional and personal care; recognizing and honoring the trust our clients have placed in us during this most difficult time in their lives.

Who We Serve

Joseph Law Group, P.C. serves individuals primarily in the Nassau and Suffolk County area who are undergoing a divorce or have another family law issue. We exclusively focus on family and matrimonial law, providing clients with unmatched legal advocacy while protecting and building their future. Our clients include those facing divorce and separation, custody disputes, prenuptial agreements, post-judgment cases, and more.

Well attuned to the financial and emotional costs of a divorce, and because our team is firmly committed to the notion that the client has retained us to help him or her, our top team of family law attorneys and support staff are committed to achieving a successful outcomes to your matter through efficiency, effectiveness, and empathy. While we are often in court and do not hesitate to litigate a matter when appropriate, we have found that by practicing law at the highest levels, combined with thorough preparation, teamwork and well-thought-out strategy, we are able to foster meaningful conversations and produce settlements favorable to our clients quicker than might otherwise occur.

Why We Are Different

The team at Joseph Law Group, P.C. sets itself apart by maintaining a well-run, efficient and effective professional office that is committed to your best interests – always. By both maintaining a manageable caseload and through careful client selection, we are able to be highly responsive and proactive, traits which all too many clients find lacking in other divorce lawyers.

At our matrimonial and family law firm, efficiency and reason govern our representation of your unique situation. Founded upon a set of core values, our firm strives to approach every case with:

  • Integrity. We treat your case and family with the utmost respect, and are transparent about your divorce’s potential outcomes, solutions, and steps forward. We represent many lawyers and lawyers frequently refer their family, friends and clients to us because we provide honest, realistic counsel rather than merely telling clients what they want to hear, regardless of how unrealistic their positions or goals may be.
  • Compassion. No matter the circumstances, our team understands and empathizes with how divorce impacts you, your family and your future. We do what we can to minimize the emotional and financial trauma for our clients every step of the way.
  • Expertise. Our expert family law attorneys know how to best optimize the outcome in your divorce or family legal matter. We apply our experience, knowledge, skills, and determination to reach your best-case resolution.
  • Growth. Divorce and many family legal matters can be destructive, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Our firm provides support, counsel, and an approach to legal matters to help you move forward and position you to best enjoy life afterward.
  • Professionalism. Joseph Law Group, P.C. provides only top-notch, proven strategies to clients. Our team is both detail and goal oriented,  never losing sight of your goal to obtain the best possible resolution while incurring the least amount of financial and emotional damage to you and your family.
  • Teamwork. Our team knows how heated divorce can get and how emotions sometimes cloud judgment.  We will work with you to ensure that calmer heads prevail. We firmly believe that teamwork and collaboration yield the best and longest-lasting results.

When you trust Joseph Law Group, P.C. to handle your divorce or family legal issues, you can expect top-notch legal counsel, transparency, and integrity throughout your case. Our top family law attorneys, paralegals, and staff will provide guidance and remain sensitive to your circumstances, family, and future.

At Joseph Law Group, P.C., we know divorce can be difficult – even destructive. That’s why we always provide exceptional representation and collaboration to help guide you through this process. Expect our team to safeguard your interests while seeking reasonable and favorable resolutions, fighting for your rights, and helping your family through this challenging time.